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1d, a clash of kings, a game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, anakin skywalker, anakin solo, attack of the clones, bail organa, cersei lannister, chewbacca, clone wars, coruscant, darth vader, eddard stark, empire strikes back, ewan mcgregor, extended universe, george lucas, han solo, harry potter, harry/louis, house lannister, house stark, house tyrell, jacen solo, jaina solo, john williams, loras tyrell, louis tomlinson, lucasarts, luke skywalker, lyanna stark, mark hamill, mr. gold, music, obi-wan kenobi, once upon a time, one direction, padme amidala, princess leia, queen amidala, queen of alderaan, queen of naboo, r+l=j, richard madden, robb stark, rumpelstiltskin, southern vampire mysteries, star wars, true blood, wedge antilles, westeros, winter is coming, winterfell
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A place for me to share thoughts, stories and read about my favorite things Star Wars, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones and 1D.

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